What is Round Table Salon & POD

diversity + curiosity = inspiration + JOY


Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

Our aim is to create space for unique full sensory experiences that enable one to step into imagination, discovery and the unknown by exploring one's relationship with connection through feeling; beauty, wonder, joy and uneasiness. While what we create is an outward journey it is equally very much an inner journey.

What we do? One has to feel it to understand it. You come because you feel you want to experience .... you are curious to explore with knowing little ... you are open and interested to give and receive what you can. We are in a journey together. One moment in time and space in real time.

You bring yourself. How easy is that? There is no hierarchy. There is no audience and there is no stage. We don't aim to shock nor scare but to delve into wonderment, reality and imagination. Although a continuing contentious debate, we do not share on social.

Currently, our vision is in development hence it continues to be a labour of love at this time. But, we are feeling more possibility this can integrate a fuller vision in the future! This is very exciting but we still have a way to go. As we evolve we value and respect your input to help guide us. We believe if we are in service to ourselves and to yourselves we will grow, Check in at this hub as you so wish for new things emerging. And, from time to time we will check in with you if there is something we are really excited to share..

Thank you for co-creating opportunity. Vision driven by our passion ... and yours.


What is Round Table Salon (RTS)

An eclectic group of 14 come together to articulate and explore a topic that inspires a rich and rewarding dialogue around a single dinner table amidst a curated 5-sensory experience. Every RTS is unique, the celebration driven by theme and round table presence, the outcome driven by the individual.

What is POD

A gathering of approximately 50 people engage to connect via convo and with presence in a curated soundscape, visual landscape and in collaboration with literature, technology, music, design, art and sometimes dance. Every POD is unique, the celebration driven by theme and texture of the group.

What is POD wonderlust

A personalized journey for 1 individual that feels the wontedness to explore their edge of wonderment, joy and comfort. Unique solo and non solo experiences are crafted in urban and sometimes wild locales. It is a transformational journey celebrating one within the inner self and one within the universe.

Founders: Crystal & Frank

It is our constant appetite to create, learn and explore that is the driving force behind RTS, POD and POD WONDERLUST. We are global nomads, culture sponges, creatives, business leaders, natural explorers based in New York.  


It is a collaborative nature that enables RTS, POD and POD WONDERLUST to exist and thrive. If you want to get involved connect with us. We are thankful to those who have collaborated, those who continue and those we have yet to meet that make the soirée's a resounding success. 

Why WE do It

To celebrate the unknown via diversity, curiosity, knowledge, inspiration and community. We are inspired by the belief that each and every one of us is here to learn and share, no matter where we come from or where we are bound. As such, each soirée or journey is dedicated to an exploration of these same human contrasts, intent on blending them in the most interesting and rewarding ways. 

Social Guideline

The emphasis is on being present and human connections, a  vibrant experience that lives and breathes outside of the social media realm. 

Get Invited: RTS & POD

RTS and POD are by invitation only and RSVP is mandatory.  We embrace those intrigued and who come via referral. If you have received an invitation it means you have already met the host or you have been referred. If you meet neither of those criteria please reach out via RoundTableSalon@gmail.com.


Journeys will be presented and detailed via this website. Once we have connection and commitment there is an enrollment process which enables us to customise your unique experience and assess appropriate boundaries. Please reach out to us at RoundTableSalon@gmail.com for more information.


Round Table Salon, POD and POD WONDERLUST are private, labour of love curated experiences by invitation and mandatory RSVP only. RSVP information collected is confidential. www.roundtablesalon.com is a communication hub for Round Table Salon, POD and POD WONDERLUST.